Bushback, Rahel Thierbach, 2017
Pantene Band Banner 2015 ACUD Club Berlin

Super Utu: „Pantene was a live performance art-pop group that existed in Berlin, Germany in 2015. Its four band members; Marijn Degenaar, Molly Dyson, Olle Holmberg, and Rahel Tierbach took a DIY approach to instrumentation and arrangement, where intergenerational low-fidelity samples collide with subversive and pithy lyrics. Using laptops, MIDI, samplers and effects units to deliver re-contextualised pieces of music, Pantene explored issues surrounding cultural constructions of power, identity and sexuality with effortless aplomb.“

Meins, A3, Buntstift auf Papier, Rahel Thierbach 2017
Flyer mit Ausstellungstext für Fotoausstellung „luv u“, 2017
Be Soft, Acryl auf Karton, Rahel Thierbach, 2015